Small on the outside

Although we're a small company, we can tap the resources of thousands of developers around the world! How do we do it?

Open source

You may have heard the phrase "open source" and it's how we can be a small company and yet have thousands of developers. But what does open source mean? Put simply, it's software that is produced by one or more persons that they make available to everyone for free. The most famous example today is probably the Android operating system which, even though it was produced by Google, is open source. There are many many other examples, another one you may have heard of is the Firefox web browser.

Open source software has some terrific advantages, especially to small companies (both users like you and developers like us):

  • It's generally free (that's obviously attractive!)
  • If you pick the right one, it has lots of people, the community, who work on it;and add to it all the time so it's always getting better. This means if there's a new "must have" feature that everyone wants, it won't be long before somebody has produced it.
  • And if there also lots of people using it, then if there are any issues (bugs), they'll be quickly found and quickly fixed by the community supporting it. This means that even though you've come to a small company, you can be happy in the knowledge that there are many other users of the same software as you, ensuring if there are any problems they are quickly found and fixed.

Drupal logo

For customers that don't want to sell goods through their website, we usually use Drupal (see As an example, this website is built with Drupal.

Drupal is an excellent basis for building very rich websites and offers a huge amount of options that we can use to build the website that you want. Drupal is constantly being added to, part of the beauty of being open source.


For customers that do want to sell goods through their website, we usually use Magento (see Although open source, Magento is actually owned by ebay but by being open source it means that there are lots of people always developing new features and fixing bugs.

Magento offers a huge range of features that you would expect from an online shop. Features such as shopping carts; flexible pricing rules including special offers (which can be time limited), international variations; up-sells, cross-sells and related products; multiple product types from electronic downloads to literally bricks and mortar; very flexible shipping rules; many different payment options (such as paypal, credit and debit card, on delivery, call back), vouchers, etc. The list is huge.

Magento is used by more than 150,000 businesses worldwide but it so customisable that we can ensure your website will be personal and unique to you.

And if you've got your own personal favourite, we can almost certainly use that too. Or if you have an existing website you'd like us to transfer to one of our preferred platforms, then again we can almost certainly use it too.

Get in touch with us

Why not contact us today to find out what we can do for you? After all, you won't know unless you ask us and we'll be happy to explore the options with you. There's no obligation and we're fairly human, underneath most geeks are!